Corporate Lockers for Dry Cleaning

Corporate Lockers

Another unique component to our business model is the placement of our lockers and drop box on a corporate campus or headquarters.  Under this model, our lockers and service comes directly to your business. 

This is an excellent way for a large corporation to offer a valuable amenity to its employees, without any cost or risk to itself. 

  1. Clothes would be dropped off at one of our secure drop boxes on your campus. 
  2. We would have one of our uniformed drivers pick up these orders, on a pre-determined schedule, where they would be processed at our state-of-the-art Frisco facility.
  3. After cleaning, the items would be returned to your company and placed in our individual lockers. 
  4. At this time, your employees would receive a text to their smart phones detailing the locker number unique access code, so they can pick up their clothes at their convenience. 

Imagine the convenience and luxury of never having to make another trip to the cleaners again.  There is no extra charge for this service.  In fact, the prices would be the same as our regular retail rates. 

Please contact our Frisco Dry Cleaning facility and we will be happy to go into more details as to how we can bring convenience and value to your employees.